Budgeting for Shooting in Korea

We can always offer our advice and direct your production to the best and most efficient way.

Location Scout in Korea and Location Managing

If you are looking for locations in Korea or looking for suggestions to your storyboard or script, please let us know. We are definitely the people to talk to for your location scout in Korea as we have a wide range of Korean location data as well as the network to scout all over the country including Seoul, Busan and Incheon. We will run the location scouting and step by step process to secure the location and once the locations are locked, we will safely manage and guide your shoot to success.

Casting Korean Actor & Model

We can cast Korean and foreign talents or models for your project. Our past works have consisted of major named talents as well as street casting for certain looks. Casting in Korea can be made easy with our long experience and extensive network in the industry. We can also help you get connected to your ideal talent even if they are major celebrities. We are also able to cast local talents to be sent overseas for your project wherever that may be.

Line Producing in Korea

For your project in Korea, a line producer of 10 years’ experience will manage your requirements and needs.

Korean Director & DOP

If you are looking for a director or DOP in Korea, please let us know. With our extensive network in the industry, we have strong connections to bring in the best director, DOP and crew.

Film Equipment Rental

We can offer all the available equipment in Korea. If your required equipment does not exist in Korea, we can help you bring it through the customs.

Hiring Technical Crew (Camera · Lighting · Grip · Special Equipment)

We can offer professional and responsible film crew in Korea. Our experience as the longest production service producers in Korea allows us the right network in the industry to offer you the best of Korean local production, assistant directors, art directors, costume designer as well as hair and make-up. Our long list of local directors and DOPs have proven very useful when it comes to remotely directed projects or projects that require local insights. Our hard working, professional crew will undoubtably be a excellent help you require for your next shoot in Korea.

SFX & SPFX Company Arrangement

Over the past years as the most experienced production service provider in Korea, we have extensive network work with some of the best SFX & SPFX companies in Korea. Their know-hows in the industry will surely be able to support your project in your needs of SFX & SPFX.

Visa Works & Insurance

We also work to support your visa to shoot in Korea. We can also provide the right insurance policy to fit your company / client requirements.

Photography & Print Shoot

We have network with some of the best photographers in Korea. We can provide the right photographer for your next project. Alternatively, we have the network and experience to provide production service for your photography shoot in Korea.

BTS Video

We can source a BTS team for your project as well as overseeing post production and final delivery for your BTS needs.

Post Production

We are constantly working with various post production houses in Korea. From Major projects to smaller and petite projects, we can hire the right people for your next project.

Broadcasting Censorship Clearance in Korea

We can advise you on the broadcasting censorship guides as well as clearance services for your shoot in Korea.

Transportation & Travel Coordinating

We can arrange full logistics and travel needs for smooth and efficient shoot in Korea.

Fixer Service in Korea

For smaller shoots in Korea, we have young and talented producers to manage your project. We also provide fixer services for news reports, documentaries and TV shows.

Catering & Crafty Arrangement

We can provide catering and crafty arrangements for your shoot in Korea. We take special care and requirements for clients or people with specific dietary.